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Youtube URL’s only please.  If your video is not on Youtube please upload.  See upload tool below.

Video Upload

All videos must have the a Kenny Hotz Interactive introduction at the start of the video for distribution on the network. To download the video go to: www.dropbox.com or download the directly from here Kenny Hotz Introduction.

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions of the Non-Exclusive Media Licensing Usage Agreement and the Standard Terms and Conditions attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference (collectively, the “Usage Agreement”). Unless otherwise agreed to in writing signed by an authorized representative of Kenny Hotz Interactive Inc. (“Kenny Hotz”), any Use of the Elements indicates Licensor’s full acceptance of the Usage Agreement. If Licensor does not agree to all of the terms and conditions of the Usage Agreement, then “Kenny Hotz Interactive’ will not make any use of the Elements.
Subject to the terms and conditions of the Usage Agreement, the Licensor has no objection to “Kenny Hotz’s” non-exclusive use of the Elements as described below, and “Kenny Hotz” and Licensor agree as follows:

Non-Exclusive Media Licensing Usage Agreement

  • 1. You hereby declare that you are the copyright holder of The Elements and fully entitled to enter into this agreement.

    2. Licensor makes no representation or warranty of any kind with respect to “Kenny Hotz’s” Use of the Elements or otherwise.

    3. The terms and conditions of the Usage Agreement are the only terms and conditions applicable to the Use of the Elements and any additional different terms specified, referenced and/or incorporated by any document provided by “Kenny Hotz” or on “Kenny Hotz’s” behalf are hereby rejected by the “Licensor”.

    4. You warrant that you have the consent of the parent and/or legal guardian for any minors under the age of 18 featuring within The Clip.

    5. Where third party footage may appear within The Clip you warrant that you have the consent of the rights holders for it to feature within the The Clip and that of any individual participant (where applicable that being the consent of a parent/legal guardian of any minor).

    6. You will provide, at material cost to The Company and in a timely manner the best quality format of the ‘The Clip’ that is in existence.

    7. In so far as it is possible, ‘The Company’ undertakes to grant you credit in the description only of the video, of either your name, non-commercial website or a company of your choice as you have indicated above – if you have left this blank, you will not receive a credit.