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Tonight on LOREM: Ipsum; Lorem Ipsum
people think the show is fake, if you hung out with spenny and i you’d know it’s real. those rap guys were super stoned. puffing cronic all day – we also added an additional camera for the last 4 episodes. wondering if people think it looks staged because the show is slicker and has much better coverage?!?!?!?!?!?!
some things look fake, some of the fake joke things i do look real? like when i was acting in bible pretending spenny was leaving for LA…televison is a crazy beast, this problem has existed in documentary film for years. you add more cuts and funny muzic and it seems set up.
FYI – spenny is a super shitty actor he couldnt act if he wanted to, he is a strange guy and sometimes he seems to act in a weird way believe me THATS SPENNY!
Johnny Crack was just a little stoned, and i’m sure he felt weird on camera i’m not sure if he was really pissed at spenny or just annoyed with him!?
Monday 2006-01-27
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